Enterprise E-Commerce Platform over a Hosted or Saas One

Why You Should Consider an Open-Source Enterprise E-Commerce Platform over a Hosted or Saas One

Are you looking to stand out in your niche? If so, consider an open source enterprise e-commerce platform. When it comes to building your online store, you have a variety of options to choose from as your e-commerce solutions. First, you can go for SaaS platforms. These platforms are Software-as-a-service. They come with features inbuilt on them. You have an opportunity to set up an online store without having coding knowledge. Is that a good idea?

Probably, it is. However, the next category of e-commerce platform is the open source solutions. Here you have access to the codes. You can use your coding knowledge to develop a winning online store. While both options are a great way to housing your online enterprise venture, here are 3 reasons why you should go for the open source enterprise e-commerce platform rather than the SaaS ones:

You enjoy designing freedom

One essential aspect in the e-commerce world is freedom. Like your customers, you also seek freedom when designing your online store. You want a template that encompasses your desires and customers preferences. You need a layout that stands out unique from that of your competitors.  If these statements match with your needs, open source solutions are the best choice. Unlike the SaaS platform, these solutions allow you to tweak the codes. You can alter them to fit your desired needs. Also, they do not have a stationery theme. Hence, you can upload or build one that aligns with your ambitions.

They are affordable

Even though you will pay some fees for additional support you earn from open source enterprise e-commerce platforms such as Magento enterprise, they are more affordable than the SaaS options. The open sources enable you to add more integrations and payment gateways of your choice without additional charges. Also, as long as you have coding knowledge, you can do everything you want with your site without worries of extra charges. For SaaS platforms, there is a fee for any addon or element you add to your online store. Hence, if cost is your concern, go for an opensource platform.

An opportunity to stand out

Being unique is the pillar of winning a substantial online following. You must stand out for you to be competitive in your niche. The SaaS platforms do not allow templates from outside. Hence, your preferred template can be another person’s choice of limiting your uniqueness. However, open source e-commerce solutions enable you to stand out as they do not have defined templates.

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