4 Reasons Why You Need a Scalable
Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

In the 21st century, no doubt that failing to subscribe to the digital trend will be the best formula to fail. Online shopping is becoming a norm. Whether you are a small-scale entrepreneur or a merchandiser dealing with an array of products, you do not have an alternative. Your success and competitive advantage lie in moving your business to a virtual platform. But this is not all. Understanding the nature of e-commerce field is crucial to achieving your business objectives. Having a scalable enterprise e-commerce platform is the foundation of your online merchandise business success. Probably, you are questioning why you need to consider scalability. You are yet to exhaust your current bandwidth, and your sales are ranging low. So, going for the scalable option seems a costly and ineffective decision. Well, if you are part of this belief, here are 4 reasons why a scalable enterprise e-commerce platform is worth it:

E-commerce field is not static

Unlike the brick and mortar store, there no known magic you can use to determine the number of visitors you can receive in your online shop. On a day your site receives different visitors within a short duration. Even though you can use available analytics to draw future visits predictions, it is hard to be 100%. Your predictions might end up being wrong. If you didn’t know, the online visits or shopping levels vary with the day, time, the season of the year, and the prevailing trends. Also, your marketing strategies such as promotions impact your traffic levels. In this essence, preparing your e-commerce site for the varying traffic levels is essential. You will avoid instances of web crashes during peak seasons or when you introduce a flash sale promotion. Hence, moving to a scalable enterprise ecommerce platform is recommendable.

You will retain a great brand reputation online

A downtime on your web does not only hurt your revenue levels but also affects your brand reputation. Brand reputation is critical in the modern competitive environment. When a customer visits your online store and comes along a 404 error, they start viewing you as unreliable. Having other alternatives besides you, the next thing a customer will do is clicking the red icon in the upper right corner and move on to another store. This aspect means you already failed in creating a first impression. Remember, customers are the first line brand ambassadors. Hence, if they are unable to access your site, they will pass the same message to their peers which will work negatively for your enterprise. For this reason, considering a scalable enterprise e-commerce platform will enable you to avoid such instances. As a result, you will retain a robust brand reputation in your niche which will enhance your sales levels.

Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

One unnegotiable fact is that businesses are set for growth. You do not have a plan to run a business that will remain the same forever. You desire to increase your sales, traffic, and revenue. However, you must achieve these goals at the least cost. One sure way to reduce your costs is to have a scalable enterprise e-commerce platform. The platform assures you of the constant growth of your business without the need for additional costs. Also, regardless of the sales levels, you will not incur extra costs in sourcing for a new platform. Hence, considering scalability during your enterprise e-commerce platform selection is crucial.

Helps to save guard your
traffic and SEO ranking

Moving from your current e-commerce platform comes with a handful of risks. Losing traffic and SEO ranks are some of them. Considering a scalable enterprise e-commerce platform enables to avoid such risks as no time you will need to shift. Hence, it is beneficial to your business.

Helps to save guard your traffic and SEO ranking